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EveryBODY on Stage aims to break down stigma and fat-phobia in the arts. 

Our goal is to reduce the harm done by body dysmorphia and disordered eating on the long-term health of artists and to encourage the positive representation of all body-types on stage. 

As we fight for representation, we will actively seek out voices underrepresented because of race, ancestry, place of origin, ethnicity, citizenship, creed, disability, sex, sexual orientation, gender identity, age, marital status, and/or family status.


  1. Visibility - Beginning November 1, 2020,  two “Artist Spotlights” per week will be launched across multiple social media platforms.  This content will feature artists and creatives showcasing their talents and educating the broader arts community about their experiences of fat-phobia in an effort to start a dialogue about the lack of positive plus-sized representation.  We are seeking submissions from artists who have established careers and those who are under-represented in their field.  This feature will be in two parts.

    • PART 1: A video or image produced by the featured artist which will exhibit their creativity, (ex. They will perform a role they would likely not be cast in because of their body metrics.)  These performances will include songs, monologues, dance, stand up comedy, visual arts, original writing etc.  

    • PART 2: An interview with the performer where we will have an open discussion of their personal experience with fat-phobia in their chosen field.  This interview will aim to educate and inform theatre companies and their audiences of how they can make safer spaces for their artists who live in bigger bodies.

  2. These features will be advertised across multiple platforms including (but not limited to) Youtube, Instagram, Tik Tok and Facebook. We will use targeted direct marketing to ensure it is seen by the broader arts community, including producers and theatre companies and also their respective audiences. 

  3. There will be a well-maintained website which will act as a categorized resource for theatre producers to draw from when seeking out plus-sized talent and creatives. This resource will include the performance video or portfolio, a biography and contact information for booking requests.  In addition, it will include information for artists about subsided healthcare and mental health/eating disorder resources, which can be accessed anonymously. 

  4. A quarterly e-newsletter will be sent to theatre companies across Canada to ensure that this project has visibility. It will be available for public subscribers as well.

Small Strokes


Through fundraising and arts grants we aim to provide a residency for plus-sized artists to create content highlighting their experiences and create original work that puts bigger bodies centre stage.  We would like to produce fat stories by fat people without making our experience the punchline (as is often seen in the media that currently exists).  We aim to elevate the voices of body positive writers, creatives and performers.

You can find ways to support us here.

"How come I have to get cast as a literal OGRE to play the love interest in a musical?"