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Saphire Demitro


Hello Wonderful People, I'm reaching out to ask for your support in enhancing my portfolio to assist in building my career and furthering my advocacy for body positivity in the arts. I firmly believe that people's bodies should never dictate their abilities or opportunities. Throughout my career, I've had the privilege to portray characters not often voiced by someone in a bigger body. I am committed to continuing this important work, breaking stereotypes, and amplifying underrepresented voices on stage and screen. However, the reality of being an artist is that promotional materials can be prohibitively expensive, and the ebb and flow of jobs makes investing in ones brand challenging. Additionally, while social media is crucial in our industry, it's not something that was taught. Your support will enable me to create materials that will assist in propelling my career forward. It will also give me the opportunity to learn how to more effectively leverage social media platforms to continue the push for inclusivity and diversity both on and offstage. In the face of relentless criticism and countless rejections, I nearly surrendered to the belief that my body was a barrier to success in this industry. Told too often that I was "too big" to make it, I teetered on the edge of giving up. But I refused to let others define my worth. For anyone who is burdened by similar doubts, I say this: You're absolutely perfect just as you are. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise. Opportunities like these are vital in illustrating that one's story and abilities are not defined by their body. Your support means the world to me as I continue to navigate and contribute to the ever-evolving landscape of theatre. Together, let's continue shouting from the rooftops that every body deserves to be seen and celebrated. With so much love, Saphire

Saphire's Goal: $465

Saphire is a born and bred Toronto performer that spans her focus across multiple platforms. She has done a plethora of Musical Theatre, Plays, Concerts and Voice Overs. Saphire has played on stages across Canada, the USA and the Caribbean. She prides herself on breaking boundaries in the industry and pushing for body inclusivity on stage and off. Saphire is a graduate of the St Clair College Musical Theatre Performance Program and was nominated for a Merritt award for her portrayal of Janet in The Rocky Horror Show (Neptune Theatre). When she's not on stage she is teaching with a focus on instilling confidence in both new singers and established performers.

Saphire Demitro Demo

Saphire Demitro Demo

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